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As charts may be of data that has been mathematically processed, the known error from the recording process must also be mathematically processed in order to determine the likely error in the final result - a process called propagation of error. Different transformations of the data result in different transformations of the error, and the correctness of the transformations used can sometimes depend on the subtle differences in the distribution of the source data. At a loss as to. Image credit: xkcd: Error Bars (CC-BY-NC 2.5) Measurements.jl relieves you from the hassle of propagating uncertainties coming from physical measurements, when performing mathematical operations involving them. The linear error propagation theory is employed to propagate the errors Einfach so Fehlerbalken addieren geht schon mal gar nicht, sondern es muss mindestens eine korrekte Fehlerfortpflanzung (= »error propagation«, also genau das, was der XKCD-Autor nicht souverän beherrscht) gerechnet werden. Von den Fragen, welche Konfidenz wir verwenden, was eine tolerierbare Ausfallwahrscheinlichkeit ist, sowie wie man überhaupt zu dem Auslegungskunden gelangt ganz zu schweigen If one of the numbers has a high absolute error, and the numbers being added are of comparable size, then this error will be propagated to the sum. Precise number × Garbage = Garbage. Likewise, if one of the numbers has a high relative error, then this error will be propagated to the product Error Propagation. Multiplication and division are safe operations. Addition and subtraction are dangerous: When numbers of different magnitudes are involved, digits of the smaller-magnitude number are lost. As an extreme example, if you have a single-precision floating point value of 100,000,000 and add 1 to it, the value will not change - even.

expect. rounding errors in floating-point math. From xkcd - of course it has something about this topic! © Published at floating-point-gui.de under the Creative Commons Attribution License (BY The xkcd post—thanks to the many readers who emailed about it—A Timeline Of Earth's Average Temperature makes a slew of fun errors, but, and I want to emphasize this, it isn't xkcd's fault. The picture he shows is the result of the way temperature and proxy data are handled by most of the climatological community. Mr Munroe, the xkcd cartoonist, is repeating what he has learned from experts in his attempt at being humorous (but nobody bats a thousand), and.

The phase propagation (the refractive index refers to phase velocity) is not able to carry any information. Information propagation requires a modulated wave and there the group velocity (and group index) comes into play. EDIT: Strictly speaking the group velocity is also not always the speed a wave packet travels. This is only true in weakly absorbing media. Since air qualifies as weakly absorbing the group index is in my opinion indeed the right quantity for the problem here. I really liked xkcd's take on numerical analysis and error propagation: Source: https://xkcd.com/2295/ A good mathematical explanation of this comic can be found here: https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/2295:_Garbage_Mat Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.. Visit Stack Exchang

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Half a century later, we're still working on it. (from Explain XKCD — 1425: Tasks) We use back propagation to calculate the hidden errors by applying the dot product on the transpose of the output weights and the output errors. This will give us hiddenErrors. Now that we have the errors, we simply use the formula we derived earlier (including the learning rate) for changes to the. Before diving into preventDefault() and stopPropagation(), let's look at what happens if there's a lack of understanding of how events and event propagation work: See the Pen Stop Propagation Demo. In the example above, Bootstrap is used to show a menu of options when the Dropdown button is clicked. The menu closes as expected when clicking.

This xkcd comic explains it all. Using the data points Cueball (the man with the stick) has, he has extrapolated that the woman will have four dozen husbands by late next month, and used this extrapolation to lead to the conclusion of buying the wedding cake in bulk. Edit 3: For those of you who say he doesn't have enough data points, here's another xkcd comic: Here, the usage of the word. An error service, with clearly defined error propagation and exit codes, may lend itself to a service failing more predictably and assist in debugging/patching in production, but also increases implementation costs as branching and state mutation exponentially increase the number of error conditions to be handled $\begingroup$ @DikranMarsupial The errors in PAC learning are not on the probabilities themselves (which this question asks about), but on the data. That is, we call the output of an algorithm Probably Approximately Correct if we can prove that with a probablity of $1-\delta$, the answer is within a distance of $\varepsilon$ of the true value. $\endgroup$ - Discrete lizard Feb 21 '19 at 9:2 There is an urgent need to educate the public as well as to remind practitioners of the idiosyncrasies of map projections. The problem of map distortion is particularly acute when information (e.g. demographic) is overlayed on them. This problem is further exacerbated when 3D models are displayed over these maps

Training a neural network is no easy feat but it can be simple to understand it. Backpropagation is the process of tuning a neural network's weights to better the prediction accuracy. There are two directions in which information flows in a neural network My boss is not understanding this basic concept in data collection/statistics and it is driving me wild. I (24f) just started my first big girl job as a project coordinator at a nonprofit and my job is to lead a quality of life project using data taken from the county in the previous year xkcd 1171 10 FALSE POSITIVES. Code is not a string, it 's a tree 11 @app.route(/index) def index(): rep = response.set_cookie(name(), secure=False, s=func()) return rep string tree != @app.route(/index) def index(): return rep response.set_cookie(name(), func() Tree Matching 12 Many tree matching tools: Gosec, Golint, Bandit, Dlint, ESLint, Flake8, Pylint, RuboCop.

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Today, xkcd featured a comic with a comically large image that is navigated by clicking and dragging. In the interests of SCIENCE (and possibly accidentally DDoSing Randall's image server - sorry!), I created a static HTML file of the entire composite image.1 The collage is made up of 225 images2 that stretch out over a total image area 79872 pixels high and 165888 pixels wide Xkcd-excuse.com - Your own excuse now in Xkcd format. ute = 260 saved. Set to true to invert the colors of the comic to white on black for a darker feel. Set to desired update interval (in ms), default is 3600000 (10 hours). Set to true to display the title of the comic This propagation of feedback back into the previous layers is the reason it is called backpropagation. CEO keeps changing his levels of trust until the Customer Feedback starts matching the middle. Wave-particle duality is the concept in quantum mechanics that every particle or quantum entity may be described as either a particle or a wave.It expresses the inability of the classical concepts particle or wave to fully describe the behaviour of quantum-scale objects. As Albert Einstein wrote:. It seems as though we must use sometimes the one theory and sometimes the other, while at. Un método de cálculo puede ser estable (tiende a reducir los errores de redondeo) o inestable (los errores de redondeo se amplifican). A menudo, hay soluciones estables e inestables a un problema. Hay un área entera de las matemáticas (el análisis numérico) dedicada a estudiar la estabilidad numérica de los algoritmos. Para hacer cálculos complejos utilizando números de punto flotante.

errors 0.0.1. In physics, engineering and other disciplines, a single number, a bare quantity, is useless, meaningless. When you measure something, your results will be within the precision of your equipment, and then you need to propagate those errors up to whatever final indirect measure you are interested in Correlation of Errors. Absolute. positional errors may be high. reflecting the technical difficulty of measuring distances from the Equator and the Greenwich Meridian, or elevations from mean sea level or the geoide. Relative. positional errors over short distances may be much lower. positional errors tend to be strongly correlated over short.

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  1. The following explanations are expressed in it. we evaluate the performance of proposed localization method at varying degree of irregularity, where DOI defines the radio propagation irregularity per unit degree change in direction. The radio propagation irregularity model used in this paper is shown as follows
  2. Type systems are sometimes the subject of various religious wars, as noted in this xkcd forum thread. However, when prioritizing robustness and reliability, static typing provide more tangible advantages than dynamic typing. This cost may be mitigated in Python by using a type checker like mypy, pyre-check, or Python 3.5+'s native type annotations. Ultimately though, type checking on.
  3. Exceptions vs Structured Concurrency. Jul 24, 2018. This is partially a mild instance of xkcd://386 with respect to the great don't panic post by @vorner (yes, it's 2 am here) and partially a discussion of error-handling in the framework of structured concurrency, which was recently popularized by @njsmith

MCTs attempt to address the same inherent problem that stems from the propagation of statistical errors in hypothesis testing. Recall that the basic design of hypothesis testing yields one of four possible outcomes, which are the product of two possible states of the null hypothesis and two possible decisions about the null hypothesis (Table 1). For the most part, we can ignore the two correct. Backpropagation, or propagation of error, is a common method of teaching artificial neural networks how to perform a given task. It was first described by Paul Werbos in 1974, but it wasn't until 1986, through the work of David E. Rumelhart, Geoffrey E. Hinton and Ronald J. Williams, that it gained recognition, and it led to a renaissance in the field of artificial neural network research I'm kind of new to Python and I want to find the root of an linear fit function inclusive errors. I fitted the function with import numpy as np import scipy.optimize as op def lin_fit(x, a, b):.

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Measurement errors, In-vitro-to-in-vivo extrapolations: Is the environment the same? Physical conditions, Regulatory functions present, Metabolites, Are the time scales consistent? Are the test cells (or proteins or ) human relevant University of British Columbia. CPEN. CPEN 400 What errors will occur in Linux when a block is bad? Is that a file system issue on top of it, so e.g. if I format it with Ext4 I can use fsck to fix errors? notfed 54 days ago > especially the part that allows subvolumes and multiple password slots. Admittedly backup headers are not yet implemented. (I had to release an MVP at some point.) > how [is] data integrity is handled? (Beware. xkcd.com Front Illustration: Plate from De Motu Animalium, Appendix C: Advanced Propagation of Uncertainties..... 160160. 5 Vanderbilt University, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy General Physics I Laboratory Manual Useful Physical Constants* Universal gravitational constant: 3 11 2 6.67384(80) 10 m G kg s Speed of light (exact by definition) 2.99792458 108 m c s Avogadro's number 6.02214129.

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Convergence over time, using nestor-gui ¶. As part of the comparison study, an expert used nestor-gui for approximately 60min annotating 1-grams, followed by 20min focusing on 2-grams. Work was saved every 10 min, so we would like to see how the above plot was arrived at as the tokens were classified. [10] In contrast, the faster propagation of bullshit is an old proverb: a lie is halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on. Two questions then arise: 1. Is this principle true? Or, more specifically, when is it true and when is it not? 2. To the extent that the principle is true, where is it coming from? I can think of a couple theories: a. Asymmetry in standards of. Physics 1B Griffith University, Nathan, QLD. 24 likes. This is a page for Physics 1B students at GU to collaborate with one another, ask questions of tutors and post interesting Physics articles Backpropagation (the backward propagation of errors)¶ Once you have your network structure, your initial weights and your training data set, you can start training. There have been lots of algorithms to do this over the last several decades but the currently most popular one is backpropagation Partial Dependence Plots Temperature Dewpoint Pressure 280 10 986 280 14 1014 280 2 992 280 25 1025 280 6 950 1. Set all instances for one variable in a dataset to a single value Machine Learnin

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propagation (BP) and genetic algorithm (GA) were examined • In all cases, the objective was to minimize SPE (standard percent error) of predicted cost • Back Propagation -Uses gradient descent to find an optimal solution for the network -Network is initially populated with arbitrary weights and biase PHP Developer Forum Hier habt ihr die Möglichkeit, eure Skriptprobleme mit anderen Anwendern zu diskutieren. Seid so fair und beantwortet auch Fragen von anderen Anwendern. Dieses Forum ist sowohl für ANFÄNGER als auch für PHP-Profis We humans take so much of reality for granted that it is often difficult to recognize which phenomena even require explanation. This is especially true of human behavior, as Steve Stewart-Williams reminds us at the beginning of his book, The Ape that Understood the Universe: How the Mind and Culture Evolve. In order to reveal how peculiar a creature we are, Stewart-Williams offers an.

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Tim Heaton is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Tim Heaton and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected Here, the difference between frequentist and Bayesian approaches is analogous to their difference in parameter estimation. Again, frequentists don't assign probabilities to possible parameter values and they use (maximum likelihood) point estimates of unknown parameters to predict new data points Igni. We highly recommend reading through this description before inviting the bot to see how it works. Igni is a universal all-in-one bot. It's the next generation of bots, starting with a unique command handling - if you make a typo, for most commands, you can just edit the command and the bot will update it's reply, even if the previous message didn't start with a correct prefix Aug 27, 2018 - Some time ago, I wrote about the awesome things the Greeks did in astronomy. Basically they calculated the size of the Earth, distance and size of the moon and distance and size of the sun. The value obtained for the distance to the sun was a bit off, but still a bang up job i

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And 33% of enterprises found that that one hour of downtime cost them anywhere between $1-5 million. Some of the causes for such a huge loss during and after a business experiences downtime can include some of the following: Loss of sales. Certain business-critical data can become corrupted, depending on the outage I got a situation: at the moment I am unable to access both channels for Keithley 2182A nanovoltmeter using LabVIEW. However, for some odd reason, while I cannot access the channels at once, LabVIE.. the XKCD stereotype of the academic professor. Where the stereotype is uncaring, uninterested and absent, Zoubin genuinely cares about the well-being, development and success of his students. The list of amazing lab members I have had the privilege of interacting and collaborating with is really too long to list by name, a testament in itself to how friendly our lab is, but I would like to.

Most of the significant errors in the existing code are dealt with appropriately, but there are some very easy ones that are just ignored. Truth is, most calculations are fairly easy to propagate errors through, and I am a firm believer that uncertainty must be dealt with honestly, even if in the end it is insignificant. The most popular geochronologic data reduction tool (I am guessing) i Crack initiation and propagation (too old to reply) xiazhn 2003-08-01 09:12:05 UTC. Permalink. I met some difficulties in dealing with crack initiation and propagation. In my analysis, the crack should be produced at a specific stress level and then propagate. At the beginning, I conducted such a calculation without a preexisting crack, however it didn't appear no matter how high the stress.

Xkcd did it better anyway is TOTALLY a legitimate defense, assuming it's true. To be fair, I'm not sure it is. I greatly enjoyed both the xkcd and SMBC versions, and while I think the xkcd version was slightly better, I recognize that that's jsut a matter of taste. (The size of the screen seemed, to me, a more forced source of humor than. Now it's just a challenge of the bot's computational ability. The viral images under the #deepdream hashtag are just a sign that machine vision is becoming mainstream and it's time to accept that dreaming of electronic sheep (or dogs) is just something androids do. 分类: 深度学习. 好文要顶 关注我 收藏该文. 菜鸡一枚. A (Nearly) Painless Solution to Web Application Security Jonathan Burket, Patrick Mutchler, Michael Weaver, Muzzammil Zaveri University of Virgini Next Generation Network Automation. Tutorial at IEEE IM 2019. The tutorial will provide a comprehensive coverage of the Network Automation domain starting with the scope and definitions, introducing the challenges and then developing the different approaches to realize complete future network automation solutions

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Covariance and PMF tables Sec 5‐2 Covariance & Correlation 5 The probability distribution of Example 5‐1 is shown. By inspection, note that the larger probabilitiesoccur as X and Y move in opposite directions. This indicates a negativ Check bit errors Determine output link Typically < msec A B propagation transmission nodal processing queueing d nodal = d proc + d queue + d trans + d prop Four sources of packet delay d queue: queueing delay Time waiting at output link for transmission Depends on congestion level of router 26 . d trans: transmission delay L: packet length (bits) R: link bandwidth (bps) d trans = L / R A B. The main module in the Transformer encoder block is the multi-head self-attention, which is based on a (scaled) dot-product attention mechanism acting on a set of d -dimensional vectors: (1) Attention ( Q, K, V) = softmax ( Q K T d) V. Here, queries Q, keys K, and values V are matrices obtained from acting with different linear transformations.

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Applying the rules of significant figures calculate the following 1234 120 4822 from PHYSICS 1601L at Hanyang Universit In this Part 3, I focus on the chaos engineering experiment itself and present a collection of tools and methods that cover the broad spectrum of failure injection necessary for running chaos. xkcd: Eventual Consistency. Karen Wallace. 365 followers. People also love these ideas. Typically eventual consistency comes out due to the sheer scale of the data and due to performance reasons. This, however, doesn't mean every single component in the architecture has to be. Da es in verteilten Systemen nicht immer sinnvoll ist, alle Replika konsistent zu halten, gibt es hier auch sogenannte.

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Also, it is a thin excuse to link to XKCD. Be sure to read the mouse-over text. Commentary. More succinctly, and in t-shirt form. Posted by pleclair at 6:32 AM. Labels: silliness, utter_randomness. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Links. Subscribe to posts (atom) UA Academic Calendar ; Course Schedule; Homework; Labs; Everything. Assuming they were still collecting data, it's hard to imagine that this crack propagation was not immediately noticed. RE: Hernando de Soto Bridge (I-40 Mephis) epoxybot (Structural) 14 May 21 21:50. Two more photos Link. RE: Hernando de Soto Bridge (I-40 Mephis) TLHS (Structural) 14 May 21 22:42. Given that photo, I feel like opus might be on to something and this is maybe shear lag related. Western's Purple Crow Lidar measures dynamics and composition of Earth's atmosphere from the surface to the edge of space 8.3 Training: Back-Propagation Through Time; 8.4 Dealing with Long Sequences. 8.4.1 LSTM; 8.4.2 GRU; 8.5 Application: Image Caption Generator; 8.6 Take Away; 8.7 Limitations of RNNs and the Rise of Transformers; 9 AutoEncoders. 9.1 Definition; 9.2 Examples; 9.3 Dimension Compression; 9.4 Variational Auto Encoders (VAE) 9.5 Multi-Tasks Design; References; Published with bookdown; Deep Learning. machine learning for natural and physical scientists 1. intro to time series and regression. 3 months ago. 273

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Cosmology with Bayesian statistics and information theory Lecture 3: Information theory a.k.a. how much is there to be learned in my data anyway? Florent Leclercq Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmout Hacker News. 1. Resources for Amateur Compiler Writers (c9x.me) 238 points by kilodeca 5 hours ago | hide | 65 comments. 2. Millions of the Pentagon's dormant IP addresses sprang to life on January 20 (washingtonpost.com) 248 points by jimschley 5 hours ago | hide | 101 comments Statistical significance is declared when the probability of observing the data under the assumption that the null hypothesis is true (the p -value) is above or below some arbitrary value, represented by a lower-case alpha (α). A p -value below alpha suggests that the data is not consistent with a true null hypothesis The change propagation is like a ripple that spreads all over your code on complex projects. That should trigger a warning in the software developer's head. If some modification in one of my functions or classes implies a lot of recompilation, it means that if I change its behavior slightly, it will impact a lot of code. The probability for side effects, regression bugs can rise very quickly. TensorFlow & MobileNet TensorFlow Mobile (deprecated) . TensorFlow Lite /. • Performance optimized for mobile and embedded devices • Tools support wider range of model formats conversion From MobileNetV1 to MobileNetV2 !120

OpenTelemetry is a CNCF sandbox project for standardizing application tracing and monitoring across multiple programming languages, platforms and monitoring vendors. This talk provides a brief introduction to OpenTelemetry, explores the OpenTelemetry Go library and demonstrates how it can be used to make Go applications observable While both teams had errors, New Zealand breezed past Sweden in their 2017 America's Cup race. Kiwis win thriller on Swede penalty in America's Cup trials. Emirates Team New Zealand has won a showdown with Artemis Racing after the Swedish team was penalized turning onto the last leg in the America's Cup qualifiers on Bermuda's Great Sound. - Associated Press . Oracle goes 2-1 to take lead in. One depiction of a rotation matrix from xkcd.com. Example final exams from Math 449: Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Fall 2010, and Fall 2011. Example midterm exams from previous years of Math 449: Fall 2011, and Fall 2016. SAMPLE PROGRAMS: eg-iter.txt: evaluate 20 terms of a two-term recurrence relation

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Our wider cyber security community is reporting campaigns using the following propagation methods,often endeavoring to gain the trust of victims using branding associated with the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as country-specific health agencies such as the Public Health Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and. What XKCD says: The mouseover text on the original says Correlation doesn't imply causation, but it does waggle its eyebrows suggestively and gesture furtively while mouthing 'look over there'. It is a bad habit, hard to break, the temptation is great. Tags: causation, comics, correlation, XKCD Category: Bad AstroStat, Misc, Quotes | 1 Comment. Lost in Translation: Measurement. As you discover these errors, please point them out to your TA. Oh, and I am also indebted to Randall Munroe , Wikipedia , and all who contribute to the Creative Commons . I plan to join them as soon as the lawyers let me. Forrest T. Charnock xkcd.com Front Illustration: Diagram of a temperature compensating gridiron pendulum, invented by John Harrison, 1726. If you have never heard of John.

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errors, and conclude with a discussion on possible directions for future works. 1 INTRODUCTION I cannot believe it. The internet was supposed to be a lawless frontier where all of humanity's desires and vices merge into a royal collective aid held in check by a barely regulated rat's nest of technical abstractions I don't understand. How did that get out of control? - The Colbert. Some Definitions •The random variables X1, X2Xnare a random sample of size nif: a)The Xiare independentrandom variables. b)Every Xihas the same probability distribution. Such X1, X2Xnare also called independent and identically distributed (or i. i. d.) random variable Do error bars on probabilities have any meaning? 24 7. Burning bush is a deciduous shrub native to Asia that has become popular for landscapes in North America. The dense, multi-stemmed, rounded shrub gets its common name from its brilliant red fall foliage.Best planted in the fall or spring, burning brush grows at a moderate pace, adding about a foot of growth per year Feb 23, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Amanda C. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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